AH6LE Repeater and Remote Base System



Newberg (Parrett Mountain) 442.675 (+) 100.0 Hz


Here we have the Arcom RC-210 controller that provides all sort of advanced features! Directly below the controller is the main receiver and below that is the link radio.


This is a closeup of the duplexer, main transmitter and power supply. Note that the RF cabling is not neatly dressed, as it is more important to minimize coupling between them than it is to look nice! (the cable routed down to the right and exiting the picture is temporary; it was used for checking full-duplex sensitivity). Not readily visible is the 2 stage circulator.

BeaverCreek (Highland Butte)

146.920 (-) 107.2 Hz


Here we have the new Kenwood TKR-751 repeater package. From top to bottom, we see the Power Monitor Panel, TPL 120 watt amplifier, Arcom RC-210 Controller, TKR-751 repeater itself, a fan shelf (3 12v fans), Power Supplies (Dual Samlex SEC-1223 switchers), Midland 430 link radio and Telewave TPRD-1556 6 cavity Bp/Br duplexer. Also seen (in front of the duplexer) is the AngleLinear PHMET preamp and 2 cavity prefilters for it. Note that there is a full compliment of temperature sensors (one for each transmitter heatsink, internal cabinet temp, inside building temperature and outside temperature. Also, the Power Meter may be read remotely with forward and reflected power (at the antenna port) on command.