AH6LE Repeater and Remote Base System





Parret Mountain, Oregon (Newberg) 442.675 Out / 447.675 In PL 100.0 Hz (1Z)


  • Radio Type: Quintron QT-6700 UHF Repeater
  • Power Output: 90 watts continuous duty
  • Duplexer: Wacom WP-678 Bp/Br
  • Preamp: AngleLinear PHMET low noise
  • Controller: Arcom RC210
  • 430 Link Radio: pair Midland 70-524B
  • 2 Meter Remote Base: Kenwood TM-271A, remotely programmable
  • Antennas: UHF - StationMaster 7.2 Db(i), VHF - Comet CA-ABC 23 7.8 Db(i)
  • Link Antenna: Sinclabs 5 element yagi

Located just west of Wilsonville, this repeater and remote base provides great coverage from Salem/Corvallis to the South, to the Cascades to the East to well past Vancouver to the North.




Butteville, OR IRLP/EchoIRLP computer and Hub Repeater

  • Power Output: 25 watts
  • Hub Repeater: Kenwood TKR-850K3
  • Controller: Arcom RC210
  • Duplexer: Sinclair MR-356
  • Antenna: Comet P50
  • IRLP Computer - Debian Linux running on a 1 gHz mini-ITX based system with SSD hard drive



Highland Butte, OR (Beavercreek)146.920 Out / 146.320 In 107.2 Hz (1B)



  • Radios: Kenwood TKR-750/TPL Amplifier
  • Power Output: 130 watts VHF
  • Duplexer: Telewave TPRD-1556 6 cavity Bp/Br
  • Preamp: VHF - AngleLinear PHMET with 2 cavity preselector/filter
  • Controller: Arcom RC210
  • 430 Link Radio: pair Midland 70-524B
  • Antennas: VHF - Diamond F23 @ 167'
  • Link Antenna: Sinclab 5 element yagi

This repeater provides solid coverage from well north of Vancouver, WA, Hillsboro to Salem (and points south) and points East. Access to IRLP and the 2 Meter Remote Base is via the links and hub repeater


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